Our Giving

We give to causes that are close to the hearts of John Good Group employees. Applications are welcome from charities, community projects and social enterprises with an annual income of less than £50,000 through our Grants for Good fund.

GRANTS for Good

Grants for Good is our first fund that invites charities, community interest companies and social entrepreneurs with an annual income below £50,000 to apply to us directly for funding. 

Every three months, 5 shortlisted projects that have a positive impact on communities, people or the environment will be voted for by John Good Group employees. These five charities will all receive a share of £15,000 – the more votes a cause receives, the bigger the donation.

Downright Special
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Matthew Good Foundation


Through our Double Matching Programme, the Foundation triples the impact our employees are making when they fundraise for charity. We double match donations to a broad range of charities pound-for-pound up to £2,000 per application.


Members are encouraged to support local initiatives, charities or projects by applying to Champion them. Members can apply for up to £500, however, if the member, their spouse or child is involved as a volunteer, they can apply for up to £1000.



Through our Donation Matching Programme, the Foundation doubles the impact our employees are making when they donate to charity. We match donations pound-for-pound, up to £2000 per application.

GrassRoots FUNDING

Grass roots projects allow members to directly support an issue, cause or project they are passionate about. This can be almost anything at all providing it contributes to the community or environment. The member develops an idea and with the help of the Foundation team they create a strategic plan to make a change for the good.

"The Community Club has provided a safe environment for children (and adults!) to play and make new and lasting Friendships. There is also a significant improvement in community spirit, with regular events such as Litter picks in surrounding areas. Funds from the Foundation have been crucial in getting the Club off the ground and keeping it going."
Pete Fitzgerald
Aldwyn Crescent Community Club