£15,000 awarded in the latest Grants for Good

The results of the members’ vote for the top donation of £5,000 are in! Find out who won the latest round of Grants for Good.
A collage of images representing the people and activities across the five chosen charities, surrounding the John Good Group Grants for Good Logo

In the latest round of John Good Group‘s Grants for Good for 2024, a panel at The Matthew Good Foundation selected five finalists who collectively received £15,000, with the top donation of £5,000 awarded to the winner of the John Good Group employee vote.

The Grants for Good fund distributes £60,000 annually, with £15,000 allocated each quarter among five charities. The foundation received over 400 applications from small charities and projects, making the selection process highly competitive.

During the finalist selection, the Matthew Good Foundation panel engaged with the people behind these impressive initiatives, which are often innovative grassroots efforts responding to rapidly changing community needs. The chosen five demonstrated outstanding leadership, and we are confident that these grants will significantly help them achieve their goals.

The final results for this round are:

Since its launch in 2021, John Good Group’s Grants for Good, has distributed £160,000 to small charities and community projects.

We are always delighted to support small organisations in launching their initiatives and look forward to seeing their projects and charities flourish.

Small non-profits seeking funding can learn more and apply at: https://www.matthewgoodfoundation.org/amplify-fund-grants-for-good/ 

June 2024

Hidden Disabilities is a new charity in Hull that supports people with non-visible disabilities through social, wellness and personal development events and activities, and also by raising awareness. Hidden disabilities can include chronic illness, mental health conditions, neurodivergence, cognitive, sensory and movement disorders. These can severely impact daily life yet remain unnoticed, leading to scepticism and isolation. The charity organises inclusive events providing education and support to improve physical and mental health, whilst also promoting societal understanding.

June 2024

PramDepot provides emergency baby boxes to vulnerable pregnant women lacking essential supplies, focusing on those in London who have minimal support from government or local authorities. Each month, around 40 women and their newborns receive quality clothing, feeding, and sleeping equipment in gift boxes that ensure mothers feel valued. The organisation collects preloved items from public donations, diverting thousands from landfills, and also use funding to provide new items such as pumps and sterilisers.

June 2024

Local resident Alun turned to environmental activism after noticing thousands of tyres in the River Ogmore in South Wales while walking his dog. In 2023, he led a massive local cleanup effort removing 2,000 tyres and much more. Despite this progress, thousands of tyres still endanger the river's ecosystem. Alun is planning further large-scale cleanups in the river and aims to make an impact on environmental initiatives across the UK.

June 2024

Thames Seal Watch was established by a British Divers Marine Life Rescue medic following the fatal incident of the famous London seal, Freddie, in 2021, which had a significant impact on the community. The group aims to educate the public about Thames wildlife, promote safe seal encounters, and enhance rescue efforts. They provide talks, rescue kits, and educational materials to river-users such as rowing clubs, fostering conservation awareness and community pride.

June 2024

The Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU) is a marine conservation charity in northeast Scotland. They safeguard UK cetaceans including whales and dolphins through research, education, and a 24-hour rescue service. Collaborating with universities, they study coastal cetaceans, informing conservation efforts and inspiring budding scientists worldwide. Plus, they provide marine mammal rescue training and operate Scotland's only specialised team for stranded marine mammals with the help of their team of 600 volunteer first-responders.