£15,000 awarded in the latest Grants for Good

The results of the members’ vote for the top donation of £5,000 are in! Find out who won the first round of Grants for Good of 2024.
A collage of images representing the people and activities across the five chosen charities, surrounding the John Good Group Grants for Good Logo

In the first round of John Good Group‘s Grants for Good for 2024, five finalists chosen by a panel at The Matthew Good Foundation have shared £15,000. The largest donation of £5,000 will go to the winner of the John Good group employee vote.

The Grants for Good fund awards £60,000 annually, with £15,000 shared each quarter between five charities. The foundation received over 400 submissions from small charities and projects, so it was difficult to pick just five finalists.

During the process of choosing the finalists, the Matthew Good Foundation panel get to know the people behind these fantastic initiatives. These are often very innovative grassroots causes formed in response to the quickly changing needs of communities. The final five that were chosen all have fantastic leadership, and we are confident that a small grant will go a long way towards helping them to achieve their goals.

The final results of this round were:

Since it’s launch in 2021, The Grants for Good fund, which is funded by John Good Group donations, has distributed £150,000 to small charities and community projects.

It’s always a pleasure to help small organisations like these get their initiatives off the ground. We look forward to seeing how their projects and charities develop in the future.

Small non-profits looking for funding can find out more and apply at: https://www.matthewgoodfoundation.org/amplify-fund-grants-for-good/ 

February 2024

Menopause and Cancer is a patient-advocacy organisation providing unique digital and in-person support to those over 18, with any cancer type, who experience menopause as a result of treatment or surgery. Dani Binnington founded Menopause and Cancer after being thrown into surgical menopause at 39, following a cancer diagnosis five years earlier, and receiving no information or support.

February 2024

Getting Clean is a Leeds-based community interest company (CIC) with a mission centred around addiction recovery, community improvement, and environmental sustainability. Their primary objectives include supporting individuals in recovery, enhancing the local community, creating pathways to employment, promoting environmentalism, and challenging addiction stereotypes.

February 2024

The Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation (HAWO) is based in Argyll’s Knapdale Forest, an important area for biodiversity. They work with national organisations to monitor species and perform biodiversity restoration work, conserving the habitat for the future. They also provide sustainable tourism activities and educate local school children in wetland ecology.

February 2024

The Ocean Trust aim to rebuild coral reefs in the Western Indian Ocean, starting with the Lamu archipelago, Kenya where they are based. Using a simple but effective method, the reefs are being rebuilt by local people, who also benefit economically from the alternative livelihoods, employment and education opportunities created.

February 2024

The volunteer team at Poole Sailability use their fleet of four sailboats to provide sailing activities in Poole Harbour and the surrounding area for people with a wide range of disabilities, including local school children from SEN Schools. They also have a club to ensure that those with a keener interest in sailing are able to keep up their hobby in a safe and inclusive environment.