£15,000 awarded in the latest Grants for Good

The results of the members’ vote for the top donation of £5,000 are in! Find out who won the last round of Grants for Good of 2023.

In the fourth and final round of John Good Group‘s Grants for Good for 2023, five finalists chosen by a panel at The Matthew Good Foundation have shared £15,000. The largest donation of £5,000 will go to the winner of the John Good group employee vote.

The Grants for Good fund awards £60,000 annually, with £15,000 shared each quarter between five charities. The foundation received over 400 submissions from small charities and projects, so it was difficult to pick just five finalists.

During the process of choosing the finalists, the Matthew Good Foundation panel get to know the people behind these fantastic initiatives. These are often very innovative grassroots causes formed in response to the quickly changing needs of communities. The final five that were chosen all have fantastic leadership, and we are confident that a small grant will go a long way towards helping them to achieve their goals.

The final results of this round were:

Since it’s launch in 2021, The Grants for Good fund, which is funded by John Good Group donations, has distributed £130,000 to small charities and community projects.

It’s always a pleasure to help small organisations like these get their initiatives off the ground. We look forward to seeing how their projects and charities develop in the future.

Small non-profits looking for funding can find out more and apply at: https://www.matthewgoodfoundation.org/amplify-fund-grants-for-good/ 

December 2023

This team of volunteers are on hand to help the most vulnerable in Hull's busy areas every weekend from 9 pm until 3am. The team of 26 volunteers have saved lives by being there to respond to situations quickly, carrying equipment such as foil blankets and phone power banks, to ensure a safe journey home for people of all ages. As well as protecting individuals, they also alleviate the burden on ambulance crews, and provide valuable experience to the medical students who volunteer for them.

December 2023

Fathoms Free is dedicated to safeguarding marine wildlife and the environment in Cornwall by removing abandoned fishing gear and other marine debris. Known as Ghost Fishing Gear, this lost equipment endangers marine life through entanglement, and negatively affects marine ecosystems and food chains when it breaks down into microplastics. Fathoms Free urgently responds to reports to locate and remove ghost gear, preventing further harm.

December 2023

Stand Tall was founded by experienced healthcare professionals from Wales, and is their idea for tackling the gap in provision that leads to men being three times more likely to take their own life. The organisation offers an 8-week strength and wellbeing course specifically designed for men's mental health. By integrating physical sessions and mental health workshops, the program focusses on fitness whilst fostering companionship, addressing issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

December 2023

Working Wardrobe aids individuals seeking employment. Set up after the covid pandemic highlighted the prevalence of clothing poverty, their four hubs in South Wales provide quality workwear and interview attire to boost confidence and help people into careers. Also, by collaborating with community partners they repurpose any clothing donations they can't use, ensuring no item goes to landfill.

December 2023

This digital education charity empowers children in Hull from diverse backgrounds by unlocking their creativity and digital fluency. Their mission is to promote technological literacy for all local children, bridging the gap for those who may not have had such opportunities before. Through carefully curated experiences, Reel Creative sparks creativity, fosters self-confidence, and instils a broad range of digital skills including video production, graphic design, online content creation and AI.