Note: The Matthew Good Foundation was created for the current or retired staff who work in any of the John Good group of companies. Applications can only be made if you are employed or retired from one of these companies.

There are four ways to apply to the Foundation, not including the monthly Foundation Draw. More information regarding each option is detailed below. Determine which application type works for your situation and then speak with your office Rep for help completing the application form. Any money issued from the Foundation will be made out to your chosen cause / charity and sent to you personally at your office to then donate personally.

1. Double Match Fund Raising

This is simple. We will double what you raise for a charity or cause. If you raise £500 during some kind of fund raising event or activity, then we will give you £1000 on top! This type of application also applies to your spouse and additionally your children, should they be under the age of 18 and still living at home. The total we can contribute is limited to £2000 per application.

2. Donation Match

This means we will  match donations you have made to good causes or a charity. For example if you donate £100 we will also contribute £100. It is not ‘double match’. It can include small regular donations you might make to charities like Cancer Research UK or WWF for example. To apply we ask that you compile your donations into a single spreadsheet or email and submit it at the end of each year to your Foundation office Rep. This just helps us process the payments easily once per year. However, if you happen to make a larger one-off donation to a charity and would like it to be matched immediately then please speak with your office Rep to make this happen. The total we can contribute is limited to £2000 per application.

Please note that the Foundation will not match “Sponsorships” made to someone else raising money for a charity. It must be a donation that you have made personally directly to a charity or good cause. This ensures that we don’t end up paying out twice if an application is already being Double Matched and it also ensures it is a charity or good cause that you chose, rather than someone else.

3. Championing

If you want to support a local initiative, charity or project but are not involved with it directly then you can apply for a donation to be made directly. To be valid it ideally needs to be a local cause of charity rather than a large national charity. We also ask they you tell use what the donation will be for, rather than as a general donation. If you are not involved in this local charity / cause then you can apply for up to £500 but if you are involved as a volunteer then you apply for up to £1000.

4. Grass Root Projects

This type of application allows you to directly support an issue, cause or project that you are passionate about. This can be almost anything at all providing it contributing to the community or environment for example. The principle is for you to develop an idea for the cause you want to support and the goal you want to achieve. Working with the Foundation team you’ll create a strategic plan to realise this goal and make a change for the good with you at the helm.

Foundation Draw

You cannot apply to the Foundation Draw. Every staff member is entered into the draw automatically each month. The winner will receive £250 to donate to any registered charity of their choice. If you are lucky enough to win then you will be notified by your office Foundation Rep and you will then need to complete this form in order to release the cheque. It will be sent directly to you at your office.